+ Do you install submersible pumps?

+ Do you replace submersible pumps?

+ What is an electrical power surge?

+ What causes an electrical power surge?

+ Do you repair power failures?

+ Do you repair or install electrical circuits?

+ Do you repair, install and connect stoves?

+ Do you repair, replace and / or plugs/ socket outlets?

+ Why is my geyser cold?

+ Why is my geyser very hot?

+ Do you connect and rewire geysers?

+ Do you move geysers?

+ Do you install geyser drip trays?

+ Do you replace geyser valves?

+ Does a geyser timer save electricity?

+ Do I need a certificate of compliance/ COC to sell my house?

+ Do I need a certificate of compliance/ COC to buy a house?

+ Do you belong to the Electrical contracting board?

+ Are you employees qualified?

+ Do you charge for a quotation?

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