Repair of distribution boards could indicate a number of problems. Dial-an-electrician will pinpoint the cause of the problem and repair your distribution board accordingly. Dial an Electrician will isolate and repair any other electrical problems yo

Dial an Electrician can upgrade your distribution board . Upgrading your distribution board consists of replacing either circuit breakers, earth leakage units, main switches, re-wiring and the balancing of phases. The reason for upgrading your distri

Dial an Electrician will replace your earth leakage unit if the earth leakage unit is faulty, over-sensitive or if the test button does not function. The purpose of an earth leakage unit is to provide protection against faulty appliances that can cau

Dial an Electrician can isolate the cause of your electricity tripping by using an insulation tester. Power tripping can relate to overloading your distribution board, faulty appliances, stoves, faulty extention cords, faulty lights, faulty plugs, we

Power failures can be caused by numerous factors. Dial an Electrician will test and determine the cause of the power failure. A power failure can occur if the municipal power is off or if the power is off in the consumers distribution board. If the f

Dial an Electrician fault finds by testing all electrical circuits and appliances to determine what is the cause of the fault. When the fault is found, we can repair the fault or isolate the fault. Fault finding is conducted with an insulation tester

Dial an Electrician supplies and installs surge arrestors to combat power surges. A power surge is when the voltage exceeds the rated voltage.Power surges can be caused by lightning or loose connections.

We repair, service and install new borehole pumps and borehole motors, control boxes, submersible cables, protection units, sewerage pumps, booster pumps, water storage tanks and all pumping equipment. Borehole water is used as water supply for domes

Borehole pump controls protect the borehole pump and motor against over-current, under-currrent and over-voltage. The pump control automates the borehole pump to pump when required. Dial an Electrician repairs and installs new borehole pump controls.

Dial an Electrician repairs and installs swimming pool pumps, koi pond pump, fountain pumps, pool filters, filter sand, swimming pool timers and distribution boards for swimming pool pumps.

We supply, repair and install swimming pool filters, selector switches, leaking pipes and replace filter sand.

A generator is a standby plant that will give you alternative electrical power if you experience an electrical power failure. Dial an Electrician can supply generators up to 200kva and install the generator with the necessary switch gear.

Dial an Electrician can repair your automated garage door motor on site if the problem relates to a faulty control panel or a faulty remote control. We repair garage door hardware namely tension springs, tension cables and roller wheels.

We can assist you with the installation or repairs of a stove, hob, extractor fan, stove isolator and main switch in your distribution board.

We repair and replace plugs/ wall sockets and install new plug points. We install surface plugs and flush plugs which requires chasing and plastering work which we are equipped to do. We also install plugs and dedicated plugs in power skirting for of

Dial an Electrician is able to assist you with problems relating to indoor lights and outdoor security lights. We repair lights, replace lights, replace globes and install new light points. We can convert most light fittings to LED lights. LED lights

A certificate of compliance is required when selling or purchasing a house. An electrical certificate serves to state that the electrical installation is reasonably safe. Dial an Electrician will perform an inspection to determine if the electrical i
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